Simple is Simply Beautiful
Deep in you there is a desire to live life full, fun and free. A world of compromise doesn’t cut it.

Getting your fill of today’s media means getting fat on a lot of empty calories. Sure the energy’s there but then you fall fast.

We produce content that replaces the bloated sense of disappointment with genuine satisfaction. There are no hidden ingredients – you’ll enjoy all natural un-processed faith. There aren’t any artificial colors either. So what you see may not be pretty but it sure won’t be fake.

We’re here to help you make life vibrant and authentic. Discover the beauty in a journey that is far from perfect and yet simply exquisite in every way.

Empty, Dull, and Bound
Media seems to be more than a little confused these days. They’re fixated on telling stories that glorify arrogance, greed, aggressiveness and indifference. You see interviews with all-star football players that have it all and yet want something more. But, pat ‘em on the back – they’ll get it with a bit more pride and selfishness. Supermodels put on fat-suits to shock us with human nature. We read about people sparing no expense to go everywhere and satisfy their every whim. They sell the lust for life. Yet it leaves you wanting more and never getting it. They hype high-octane thrills but new extremes leave you unexcited. There is plenty of talk about how to be liberated though they never venture beyond their limits. Well-produced media may be slick and attractive but it is useless when it leaves you empty, dull and bound.

What We Mean - What You Want
You want to live an abundant life that is filled with real joy. Hard work can’t create it and wealth can’t buy it. We bring you stories of those who experience the fullness of life through faith. You’ll find a lasting fun that goes beyond the moment. An active and adventurous lifestyle can cost you everything and yet it’s free for the taking. Freedom isn’t found in the winning, the mountaintop high, the ultimate achievement, your personal success or in conquering your greatest fears. Freedom is found in discovering what you want is what you are called to be. So go ahead and live life today… full, fun, and free.

Do You Fit Our Reader Profile?
If you are a woman or a man then so far you meet the profile. Nobody else does content like we do it. So instead of developing for men only or just for women we create content for both. Just because we’ve focused on the Christian faith doesn’t mean you have to understand it or even believe it. Curiosity is all that’s required – and you know you’re curious. If you use the Bible as a guide for your life then you’ll find our content to be more than a companion resource. It will give your beliefs a challenging context for today. What else defines our audience? Well they’re not boring. No matter their age or where they live they’re into living life big. Our audience is active in their communities, regularly interacts with others, are selective consumers, confident and committed and above all they are passionate.

A Multi-Media Approach
We’re a content company. Media formats are constantly changing. Each has unique strengths. Currently the Internet offers a powerful means to reach many and help them connect with each other. We’ll also use print, radio, television, events and other technologies to distribute content.

Brought to You by...
Our partners and advertisers know a good thing when they see it. When they share in our mission they get much more than increased exposure and sales. We look for products and services that are a right match for our audience. We offer affordable and creative sponsorship and advertising options to reach out and connect with our audience.

Why Our Experts are Different
We go for the heart. There are plenty of professionals with knowledge and skills. There is no lack of storytellers that can amaze and inspire. Our experts go deeper and fire the passion of the spirit. From celebrities to everyday people they each find their own way of sharing a viewpoint that is invisible to the human eye. We ask them to be quiet and listen before they share. Then we ask them to go for the heart.

What is Your Lifestyle?
We have a brand for you. If you like to get active, be outside or explore then we can help you do it better. Are you willing to get dirty and sweat a bit? Cool, we’ve got the soap when you’re ready to clean-up. From fitness to sports, garden greens to fine cuisine, community activities to international exploration we develop the content that helps you celebrate your lifestyle with purpose. We’ll help you discover how faith makes your life come alive. We won’t preach to you, we’ll reach with you. Others leave the spiritual disconnected. We’ll help you connect faith with your favorite activities because life without faith is dead.